Monster Man (novel)

Monster Man is a psychological thriller about the abduction of two Australian girls. The book is by the Australian author Glynn Parry.

The story is set in Western Australia. Melanie Spencer is just trying to stop males from controlling her life when a man (Levine) who thinks she looks like his deceased sister abducts her. This man has an alter-ego named Monster. Monster is the one who is blamed on all of the bad things that have happened so Levine does not feel guilty. Levine has also kidnapped a little girl (Christine Webster) who also looked like his sister Claudia.

Levine takes these two girl on a trip to his old school where he was bullied and burns it down. He then tries to hide with them down at a beach, but kills a man and his dog to cover his tracks. The two girls then run away.

Whilst everyone thinks that Levine is dead, he then comes back for revenge and tries to kill Melanie whilst she is in hospital recovering from the injuries sustained whilst being a prisoner of him.